10 things to have fun while you study

A lecturer friend of our department is a motivational speaker. So he once came to our class during a lecture and told us about the study of another university lecturer friend of his who kept 10 chocolates in a row while checking his exam notebook.

This way he no longer has to worry about checking his account. In this case, today I will tell you some ways to get rid of boredom from studies.

1. Reward yourself with studies

The story I told also comes under this point. No one knows better than me how hard it is to study and a bastard like me. So, we definitely deserve some reward for such hard work! And since no one else will come to give us this reward, we must arrange it ourselves.

As mentioned above, you can get ahead by putting a few pages of a book in the chocolate or comic book queue, or making a “when I’m done reading this, I’ll go see that movie” plan.

Thus, it acts as a driving force behind learning because you can make decisions and manage your rewards.

But I would say to keep Facebook out of your reach because I know that once you enter Facebook you can’t exit and the reading flow is lost.

2. Remember the keywords

Each chapter of the book consists of a few words, of which only one line is completely memorized. For example, in a history book, you may remember the names of some people, and the names of some systems, but you may remember the whole story.

Studying this way will not only waste your time and kill yourself by memorizing too much (this quote is also from one of our lecturers). For greater convenience, keywords may be listed alphabetically at the top of each chapter.

3. Group Study!

There are many methods that can be used in group studies, so let me tell you about a method that a friend of mine discovered. How many chapters of the book will be read like this, each person will read each chapter separately.

The next day, the person who reads the chapter gives a summary of the chapter and the others listen, taking notes if necessary.

This method is especially useful in the moments before the exam. And if there are back-to-back tests then in my opinion there is no alternative to this method.

10 things to have fun while you study
10 things to have fun while you study

4. Memorable!

This is one of my favorite methods. This method is used a lot especially for reading vocabulary and history. Mnemonics means remembering one thing with another thing. For example, remember the date and year as the birthday of someone you know.

5. Favorite subject is studied in other subjects

No matter how geeky we are, we all have a favorite subject that never hurts to read. For example, in college, I loved studying management. That’s why I don’t mind reading on that subject if I get bored of reading on any other subject.

If possible, read the lines in the book in rhythm

6. Sticky notes

But it is not possible to walk around the house all the time with a book in hand. So if you can write a keyword or book definition on sticky notes in different places, in your room, on the fridge, you will see it when you walk and whatever you do. Then everything written in the book about that keyword or definition will automatically be remembered and things will be remembered easily.

7. Don’t think about exams or marks while studying

“I don’t study, I study to learn.” If you keep this thought in mind, studying will not seem so difficult. And reading is more effective in persuading others when you read than when you write.

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8. Watching movies related to reading

Reading is not limited to books, watching movies on the subject helps in understanding and remembering what is read.

9. Method of recording

By keeping a recorder on your phone while you read and listening carefully to what you read, you shouldn’t struggle to remember what you read.

10. Rhythmic reading

Actually, not everyone can follow this method. Yet, if possible, lines of poetry would be memorized in books because the human brain can remember rhymes better than simple words, so we have not yet forgotten nursery rhymes and why we repeat lines. Music in our heads. Without answering questions in the exam hall.

So it was some method to facilitate learning like woodworking. Hopefully, keeping these points in mind will help you remember more of what you read and not require a high IQ. Happy learning!

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