10 things to enroll in business studies

After starting to read the title to enroll in business studies, many may think, “Eh! Is this a topic or not? The fall of cheaters! Then, some parents with such a mindset may offer “parental advice” in this article!

Neither will I! To derail this idea, Just to show you 10 reasons why business education can be an ideal subject for your studies. If you don’t like business education, you can consider these 10 reasons good or bad.

1. Subject is creative

Vocational education is not boring but a very interesting field. If you go through the theory subjects, you will find that the subjects are not so boring. Many people think, “Vocational education! It’s just a matter of remembering. But the biggest way to really do well here is to understand rather than memorize.

Because if you spin it, you cannot expect good results from vocational education. And if you practice some math, I’m sure this subject will become your favorite subject one day!

2. Will move towards extracurricular

If you study very carefully, you will find that you finish your studies long before the exam.

But still, students of other departments are running here and there with practical books. So, what can you do in this free time? Pick up your guitar and cover a popular song. Or read a crazy novel! And if you want you can revise the topics you read.

While other sections are busy with practical work, you can practice your entire chapter on accounting thoroughly. To add, we all did rag day together at school but we business students did two days. Also, last day of ninth grade; On that day there was a practical exam for the science department. But the first condition to do this is to study well during studies.

3. Things are connected

One subject of vocational education has much in common with another. For example, accounting and finance; If you read each such topic, you will find some similarities with other topics.

4. Topics are new and interesting

Didn’t like to read before? Want to read something new? Then the Vocational Education Department will help you because I swear you won’t find anything here that you’ve seen in previous classes.

5. Simplified University Entrance Test

Honestly, my field of study is less interesting than science but more competitive.

And although the number of seats in our university is less, in the science department we have to prepare for each field separately, but if you want to study well in English, Bengali, Management, Finance/Marketing, Accounts, Mathematics and General Knowledge then you are fully recruited. You can prepare for the exam.

10 things to enroll in business studies
10 things to enroll in business studies

6. Quick success is possible

What do you know about the best aspects of vocational education? If you have good skills, it is not unusual to find a job before or immediately after graduation! For example, if you were a boy, you might say to Bella before her wedding, “I got a job, Bella?” And if you’re a girl, you don’t have to be fair and pretty to look like a 6ft pot.

7. Every topic is needed!

When enrolling in university you don’t have to think, “I got so-and-so, what will happen in the future?” Just close your eyes and enter because there are various respectable job fields for every subject. If you read these subjects well then you don’t need to worry about BCS because your future is already going to be very good.

8. Reduces dependence on others

Vocational education will help you develop a wide range of skills. It will teach many techniques of business, management, and self-employment which if done well, you will not have to run after a job but you will be able to manage your income and many people like you.

9. Development of communicative and representational skills

No matter what you study in this section, you will have to make many types of presentations, and reports, it will increase your external knowledge and you will be able to present anything beautifully. While doing BBA, you will get the opportunity to join various business-related clubs where you will get the opportunity to interact with many skilled people, and do different types of jobs.

10. In the interest of the country

We all know that science is needed for the development of the country, but you cannot imagine the contribution of trade, banking, and insurance to the financial development of the country. Without them, Bangladesh can never develop economically and without economic development, there will be no scientific research in this country.

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But the problem is, although vocational education is highly valued in the West and even in neighboring India, most students and their parents in Bangladesh are more interested in science and as a result, the scope of vocational education is not narrowing as expected. Here. So now the more students turn to vocational education, the more this branch and ultimately the country will improve.

In conclusion, I would say that every stream is good in its own way and if you study properly you can do well in life as a student of any stream. And this ‘proper reading‘ is entirely up to you. Happy learning!

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