Advice about depression and study

In school or college, all of us have, at one time or the other, been let down by the famous boy or girl sitting next to us, known as the “study topper”.

The question “.” or “God-given talent.” Many may start thinking “Isn’t that guy/girl an alien from across the galaxy!” Hmm, enough thinking!

But no matter how much one thinks of knowing the mystery, very few students are able to find the reason for their ‘abnormal’ results by talking to their ‘aliens’.

This is part of the problem. Many people break down thinking about their pitiful situation, sink into depression little by little… and think that all responsibilities are over with a boring Facebook status. Is it really so? There is nothing to overcome ‘frustration’?

Studying is a nightmare for students due to the monotonous style of the conventional education system in our country. It is normal to be frustrated with studies where just thinking about ‘studies’ makes everyone feverish. But what does reality say?

Absolutely not. Those reading this may have wrinkled noses. The study is sacred. Since nothing is forced, this is also correct. You have to respect him, love him, take care of him, and slowly build a bond with him. What sounds strange? But this is the reality. You do what you consider a “God-given talent”.

One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Very true. That is, he wants to understand that if you keep doing the same thing day after day, you can never expect good results from this effort and if you do, you are crazy or mad and nothing else!

Those who have drowned themselves in the ocean of despair for so long, understand what you wish for. You need change. Change if you want to make something better than where you are now. Perhaps it lies in your reading style or your approach to studying. And with that in mind, here are some tips to ease this ‘change’.

Continuous learning: right?

Have you ever sat down to read an hour ago but nothing came to your mind as time passed? Don’t get angry thinking ‘I’ll get nothing’ from reading…or you’re not worth giving up! Read on… If so, then both were your mistakes! One of the most common mistakes we make is the tendency to read and finish everything.

We all think continuous reading will get lost in the flow of reading. But research says otherwise. If you don’t read continuously and are comfortable reading the same reading at different intervals, remember what you read. But I am not saying this by myself. All of these are the results of various studies.

Advice about depression and study
Advice about depression and study

Now the question may come, “Study so much, studying with breaks will do nothing!” Pay attention. But I said “rest and read the same reading at different intervals” – but I didn’t say ‘separate reading’! That is, simply put, you have been studying physics for so long, now drop it and study English for a while. I hope you understand.

Mindfulness in Music

I have a friend who listens to music all day and sometimes reads. Their motto is, “Earphones in. Turn the volume up. Ignore the world. Reading refreshes his mind. After hearing this I did a lot of research and found it to be true!

We all know that ‘music makes people happy’. But little did we know that it has such a close relationship with education and hundreds of studies have been done on it. So if you listen to music during study or break, I hope you will benefit.

Now learning Bengali will be fun!

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The hard stuff comes first

‘Human psychology’ is a very strange thing. Every man wants to have everything in his own way and does not want to go out of his comfort zone. Same with this case. Everyone wants to read extremely tough content. I want to start with a simple topic. But keep one thing in mind.

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Both reading initiation and willingness to read are high. “I’ll read later, not now” – If you do this, you may not have time to read well. And so it is the right decision to study the difficult subjects first. It is good if you are already used to studying difficult subjects. And if not yet, start today!

I don’t know what I’m doing

This is extremely important. Of course, your parents or private tutors at home don’t know better than you about the state of your studies or what you should focus on. You know better unless you are in grade three or four! Please consider if you become frustrated with your studies and quit or sit out, it is harmful to you. No one else will take responsibility for your life!

And if so, your studies will not improve but will deteriorate day by day. So it is very important that you have a good idea of ​​whether what you are doing is right or not. Otherwise all your efforts, all my words will be in vain.

So decide for yourself, ‘If I can finish these three chapters, I will watch two episodes of my favorite series, otherwise not!’ Then you need to read on because you definitely don’t want to miss this!

This is just a simple example. You yourself know very well what reward you will get. You will feel cheerfulness in yourself once or twice and your studies will also be good. One thing – focus only on what you have to do; Do something to make it happen.

Create your own learning style

This is most important. Many will tell you many things. What I have said so far. After all, you should have your own way of studying. For example, Ian, my best friend in college, had a completely different style. Ayan used to sleep for half an hour after studying for an hour and a half. It will be helpful to remember. This was his reading style.

Many people enjoy reading regularly, but many feel pressured to read regularly (although reading regularly is sometimes beneficial).

Many people sleep well at night, while others cannot wake up. If you study somehow, you will be able to study better than before, you will be able to study more – if you think about it, you will know this. But even as you read it, it’s important to remember a few general points. Get enough sleep during the day.

If you sleep late at night, there is no need to wake up late in the morning or sleep in the afternoon. Whatever we read, the brain stores it during this sleep. And so its irregularity does not occur in any way.

I have come to the very end. There is no reason to be discouraged about studies. You will see that if you do it regularly and keep your head down, the results will start to improve, InshAllah! Also, you will find many videos about them on YouTube. If you see them, call it fear or a ‘frustration’ mentality about the whole study, it will all go away.

Now you know the story behind “God-given talent”. So get started today!!!

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