BUET could be your dream goal

We just learn to say “I will be a doctor – I will be an engineer. And if your dream is to become an engineer, then definitely BUET covers the vast area of ​​your dream kingdom. But why read BUET? Just what does it take to be a good engineer? Not at all!

A quick promise, read BUET to make some fun memories. The rest is a bonus!

1. Hall

When we say halls, we think of magical and fun things like Hogwarts. I swear, BUET isn’t as magical as Hogwarts, but it’s a more enjoyable experience than Hogwarts.

With new friendships and a taste of free university life, the halls will give you a new sense of joy. And apart from major events like the annual Hall Utsav, there are festivals like Cow Utsav, Khichri Utsav, and Watermelon Utsav (fun isn’t it?).

2. Festive boots

But everyone wears thick-framed glasses. In his life, there are only thick books, codes, and mathematical equations. They don’t know how to enjoy and have fun. Do you know how big a misconception it is?! Every festival in BUET can prove you wrong.

Every departmental reception, Independence-Victory Day, Pahela Boishakh, Rag Bach Concert, Color Utsav, and Departmental Picnic will prove you wrong and fall in love with BUET, sure!

3. Gourmet (!)

Are you a foodie? Is the answer yes? Where have you been all this time?! This is for you! Did all the friends do poorly on the class test? Eat from Chankarpool. Today is someone’s birthday in the class? Let’s all eat ‘Palashi’s Chinese(!)’. Apart from late-night chats with friends, the cafe also serves Palashi and fruit juices. So why the delay?!

4. Inspiration shoes

Almost everyone you see around you or come in contact with on the BUET campus is an inspirational person. Think about it… Fazlur Rahman Khan, Professor Dr. Jamilur Raja Chowdhury, Ainun Nishat, Dr. Md. Kaykobad, Anisul Haque, and Munir Hasan Sahib who have ever walked or are walking on that path, you can be their successor!

5. Waves of satisfaction (!):

Your parents will never be satisfied with your studies. They think you’re not reading correctly, and should. You can breathe a sigh of relief by entering the BUET! When someone asks you where to study…your parents in front of you will enthusiastically say, “Our son/daughter studies in BUET.” Those who are suffering so much for us think this opportunity can be given.

Trust me, the satisfaction you will see on their faces is priceless. As a bonus, you get extra care for your relatives, acquaintances, and strangers as soon as you enroll in BUET! Even after hiding will come a wave of satisfaction!

BUET could be your dream goal
BUET could be your dream goal

It’s great to read when something good is about to happen to you, but it’s better to prepare for it, right?! Any entrance exam is competitive to some extent. In such cases, preparation should be the best. How is it? Let’s think about something.

# 1

The entrance test is very tough. Especially the BUET entrance exam… it’s nonsense – don’t sit back and think about it. Instead, you have to make do with what you have. What happens with hard work?! Not that you forget to eat and drink and study day and night.

Instead, you should focus on making the most of your time. I studied hard for two days, rested for two days, they should be fired. You have to study regularly. This will reduce stress and make preparation rewarding.

# 2

An interesting fact is that many people start reading difficult books because of advertising or fear. But do you know the truth? If you are well versed with HSC core books then you will definitely clear the entrance exam. This is true for all entrance exams. The entrance exam is competitive.

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So there is no shortcut to getting better. Questions can be from anywhere (but definitely your syllabus). So try to master the books without expecting shortcuts.
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# 3

One question in everyone’s mind, there are so many books by authors/publishers in the market, which one should I read? Check the topics covered in the syllabus. Read books that you can understand. Reading any book, and absorbing it well, will be beneficial. You can also keep extra books for practice. Those who get the opportunity to participate in the entrance exam get it because of their respective merit.

But not everyone gets a chance. Because the entrance exam time is short. What you used to do in 10 minutes at HSC, you can do in less than half. That is why it is very important to pay attention to time. And lots of practice will help you with that.

# 4

Don’t compare yourself to others. The other is doing well, there is nothing to be disappointed about. You will do better, work harder. The other is doing badly, there is no chance of satisfaction. Try to improve your position, and don’t compete with others.

Don’t be disappointed!

# 5

Check the previous year’s questions and try to solve them within the given time. It is very useful. It will clear the thought pattern and your condition. Since the entire exam is written in BUET, it is most important to have a clear understanding of all the topics in the book. Try to understand each topic thoroughly. Because the problem lies in this fundamental thing.

Actually, the entrance exam is not very difficult. You don’t have to be very talented to get a chance at BUET. The key is lots of practice and regular study. If you study these subjects while in college, your college or HSC result will be better and chances will be easier.

If HSC preparation is good, the work which could be done in 10 minutes now takes 15 minutes. It must be cut. What to do about it? Regular study. And HSC preparation was good, there was no room for complacency. You still have to work hard. Or maybe someone else has moved on from you. Anxiety affects the entrance exam very badly. So remove all worries from your head. And only one suggestion, ‘routine study’! Hope to see you at BUET!

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