How a man grows as his dream

Many of us think that dreams are just imaginations. But in reality, it is not; Dream means reality, and dream means destination. Where you want to go is called a dream. A man can grow as big as his dreams.

There is a beautiful saying word that whoever lives and believes will never die. It means that he who believes lives. No sorrow, no impurity can touch a person immersed in this devotion and action. Work has its own joys. Immersion in work requires dreams.

True dreams and efforts never fail. If dreams can be converted into beliefs, they can be achieved. The light on this vast earth comes from the stars in distant space.

We are all participating in this worldview for a short period of time, which is neither too much nor too little. A well-planned dream is needed to organize this period according to your wishes. We all want success. Everyone wants the best in life.

No one wants to live a simple life, no one wants to crawl.

No one wants to be a second-class person. Life is the sum of small thoughts, small dreams, and small actions. Every thought and every dream affects life.

Dreams are generally of two types. Whereas a normal dream that we see in sleep, this dream has no meaning.

There is another type of dream, which can be called a dream or mental picture, or life picture. And this is the dream of growing up, the dream of doing something in life. This dream controls our life. Eg:- Dream of becoming a writer, businessman, singer, hero, teacher, etc.

How a man grows as his dream
How a man grows as his dream

On the other hand, many people do not even remember their dreams.


Man can be as beautiful as he hopes and as great as he believes. People are in everyone’s heart. He speaks, indulges, and listens to the inner man. If you do what they say, you can succeed in life and do great things. Because there you or I alone. Your family, society, and state want to decide what you want to do in life.

But apart from these, you may have the desire to do something different or you may pursue goals set by the environment. But before that ask yourself once; Understand that the answer will come from deep within your heart. Let’s go that way. Never fail


As the Bible says, faith can move mountains. Faith is a wonderful power, it is not magic or a miracle.

“I’m sure—I can.”

This one word will boost your morale in a strange way. True dreams and efforts never fail. The Wright brothers dreamed of building a machine that could fly in the sky. He built the plane. His discoveries changed the face of civilization. Marconi dreamed of conquering the power of God. The invention of the radio and television proved that he was not dreaming.

Note that when Marconi claimed to have invented a method of transmitting news through the air without the aid of wires, his friends committed him to a mental hospital. World famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison had only three months to go to school. Helen Keller, who was expelled from school for overcommitment, lost her hearing, speech, and sight at 19 months.

A combination of faith and dreams, Mahayasi and his life testify to a great truth – in reality, no one is defeated until he gives up. Man can become bigger than his dreams if he can turn his hopes into faith.


Reality is sometimes more incredible than fiction. If someone said that I would be king of half the world at the age of twenty-five – many would dismiss it as nonsense, but Alexander was.

A candidate’s application for the post of Newsreader has been rejected. Because his voice was not good. This is today’s, Amitabh Bachchan! A school teacher said, “You will achieve nothing in life” because the student did not pay attention to numbers and could not do small sums. The boy grew up to be a great scientist. His name is Albert Einstein.

How a man grows as his dream
How a man grows as his dream

The gist of the above example is: He who is never defeated, but never aimless, is the real winner.

The human brain is an extraordinary bio-computer. The person who programs this computer will get the results. He who gets discouraged and tells himself, nothing will happen, will fail in life. And whoever dreams of doing something big despite a thousand obstacles, succeeds in doing it in the right way.

Once the belief or programming is done, the bio-computer will automatically act and declare you the winner. Whatever needs to be done for success, the mind will automatically do with the body.

The dream

All men are equal before God. So he empowers everyone to grow up, and achieve great things in life. For those who identify their dreams and do anything to fulfill them, dreams come true in life.

George Foreman proved that dedication to a dream has no age limit by winning the boxing title fight 20 years later in 1994, if dedication is guaranteed then victory is guaranteed. Twenty years after being knocked out by Muhammad Ali in 1974, he made the impossible possible in 1994 at the age of 45 by defeating 26-year-old Michael Moore in his dream match.

After the victory, journalists asked how this impossible task was possible. He said, ‘I am dreaming. For 20 years I always dreamed of winning it. People don’t give up their dreams when they grow up. You will get whatever your heart desires.

Setting goals

Target means aim or target. Goals aren’t just dreams—they’re dreams that come true. The goal is much bigger than the vague concept of ‘if I can’. Aim means ‘what I strive for. Nothing can be done until the goal is fixed. It is impossible to take the first step!

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The man stumbles more and more but gets nowhere until he knows his destination. Just as life needs oxygen, so life needs dreams to grow. No one suddenly becomes successful without dreaming. Just as oxygen is essential to survival, so is having a clear idea of ​​where you want to go. Before starting you need to decide where you want to go.

The environment

These ideas can help you plan for the future. This means you have to divide your future into 3 parts. Eg:- (1) Workplace (2) Family (3) Social.

This is how life can be shared. If you want, you can divide it into more parts. What do you want to get out of life? You will learn to satisfy yourself and believe that your dreams will come true. All 3 categories of life are interconnected. The section that shines brightest in each section is your work.

The top spot is for one person only

The king sits alone on the throne. No two people can sit on the same throne. The two thousand miles of Himalayan mountains can accommodate billions of people. But two people cannot climb the highest mountain at the same time. Must get up first. Then the next person. Because of this, Tenzing and Hilary could not climb the summit together. Due to Tenzing’s first ascent, Tenzing is credited with being the first person to climb Mount Everest.

As the saying goes, one must go to the top of the mountain alone. Indeed so. He who runs away from trouble and starts walking alone finds the way, he moves forward. His words are written in history.

Finally, follow the dream you’re willing to die for. Without dreams, you can never progress, because dreams are the fuel of life. See your dreams and resolve to fulfill them. Take every risk with courage.

It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s where you want to go.

As the scientist, Einstein said, “Imagination (dream) is more important than knowledge.”

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