How the experience will be before the job

This line sounds like terrible news for a new job seeker. Freshers naturally have no experience. No one will give you a job if you don’t have experience, so what is experience?

Here are two solutions. Either institute will relax this requirement, or freshers will get prior job experience We don’t have the first, but can we have the second?
Feeling surprised? What experience before the job? I will talk about it today.

Well, before that, let me say one more thing. We know the education system of Bangladesh is not like developed countries of the world. It does not teach creative thinking or what to achieve in life. Here you are taught how to memorize and pass literature, how to compete with your friends, and how to get a GPA of five. But when knowledge is needed in real life it is seen that the gain in so many years is really nil.

Gone are the days of conventional wisdom. Nowadays, be it success in work life or any other endeavor in life, soft skills or emotional intelligence are getting the most value. Communication skills, punctuality, critical thinking, confidence, quick research, quick learning skills, problem-solving skills), team management skills, adaptability, and other indicators of intelligence.

How the experience will be before the job

These skills don’t come from memorizing our textbooks, they come from going through different challenges. Like debates, various competitions, participation in events, etc.

Back to the main topic of this article. What do students usually do while studying? Either no one works outside of studies, or tutors. Undoubtedly, tutoring is a very good profession, especially to earn your pocket money by utilizing your free time. Some are also seen paying for university through tuition. But unfortunately, it is true that tutoring is not officially considered a profession in the real world.

This is why mentioning tuition in a resume (CV) does not add much value.

And in many cases, self-improvement doesn’t even happen with tuition, because most of the time tuition only teaches what one has learned years ago. It involves repetitive learning, not learning something new by tutors.

So here are some opportunities to gain experience while studying:

1. Student Internship:

We have a misconception that internships can be done only after graduation. Almost all countries have an opportunity called a ‘Student Internship’ where students can work in different positions in different organizations according to their backgrounds.

These internships are like part-time jobs except for working on a team-leading a team on a specific project. In this, the functions of that particular post are taught through various practical tasks.

Just as experience is gained in this, work experience can also be added to a resume (CV).

2. Skill-Based Voluntary Work:

In English, it can be called skill-based voluntary work. Many of us believe that voluntary work is only for the service of society and not for self-improvement or self-gratification. The word is wrong. Things like volunteerism, communication skills, and leadership qualities can be acquired as soft skills as well as work experience.

Voluntary organizations are non-profit but now almost all organizations are running the activities of the organization in a very structured manner.

It creates opportunities to work in various positions. For example, if you are a BBA student, you can take up important responsibilities like management, marketing or HR in any organization. A CSE student can become an IT executive to look after the IT functions of an organization.

As you use your acquired skills, you will also gain experience. And you can add this experience to your resume (CV).

The job of the youth is not to complain, but to find solutions to problems.

3. University Club:

According to many, these clubs are just extracurricular activities. But it is not. Like volunteer work, it can offer work experience as well as work experience to add to your resume.

Now almost all university clubs function according to the beautiful constitution. As many different departments, officers are needed to run a company. Everyone has a different job. Suppose you are interested in research. You can join the research section of the club.

You will have a head of research and development to lead the rest of the team. As you gradually accumulate experience, you will eventually reach a paid leadership level. Interestingly, all of them were studying at university. And you can add this work experience to your resume.

How the experience will be before the job
How the experience will be before the job

4. Part-Time Jobs:

Many companies in Bangladesh now offer part-time jobs to university students. Work hours also count as university class time. Not only will you gain experience with a part-time job, you can earn money. However, part-time job opportunities in this country are still less compared to other opportunities.

5. Startup Tasks:

Today’s creative youth is familiar with startups. Young people want to turn innovative ideas into reality and turn them into businesses. Another phase of converting an idea into a business is called startup. Startups start with an idea, then a hardworking team is formed, and they work, and if they are successful, the startup gradually turns into a big and profitable company.

But initially, they started with almost no money, so they couldn’t hire any professionals.

In this situation, startups need skilled dreamers. Those who want to gain experience from their skills. By joining such a startup, one can be a partner in creating something new, as well as gain experience and add that experience to the resume.

6. Freelancing:

For many of us, freelancing is a job. But freelancing is a type of work. Freelancing is when you are contracted for a specific project without working with a client permanently. The most popular jobs outside of technology are marketing, sales, writing, engineering, etc.

Can work with companies/clients from major countries of the world located in Bangladesh. You can design the interior of an American restaurant or run a marketing campaign for a Canadian brand.

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Freelancing requires skills, and lots of up-to-date studies to learn new things. If you can be skilled, even in college you can design electronic circuits for any company in America, right here. That way you can work full-time and add to your resume that you worked for a US company.

Subject to proof you can get an employment certificate from that client. But now with the efforts of the government and various circles, freelancing is quite a respectable and acceptable profession. If you want to work on a skill outside of academia, Ten Minute School has a number of free courses.

The job of the youth is not to complain, but to find solutions to problems. There are very few countries in the world where more than half of the population is youth. Youth is wealth, if we keep complaining about problems, change is not really possible.
I will find solutions to problems, solve my own problems, and get others out of problems.

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