Prepare yourself to be a good doctor

Many people aspire to become a doctor right from their childhood, be it because of their parent’s choice or because of their own desire. Some even want to become doctors in school or college by watching doctors from the Grey’s Anatomy series work in hospitals.

No matter where the motivation or desire comes from, remember that the road to this hard-working medical profession is not easy. Similarly after becoming a doctor one has to work hard.

For those who wear that white apron and dream of becoming a doctor in the future life, I would say prepare yourself a little bit from now. Here are some of the things I’ll cover today:

To improve results:

More than 50,000 students take the medical entrance exam every year. You will get 6 or 7 thousand chances in govt, private, and dental. And most of the people you test with are two A-pluses. So to prove your worth in this highly competitive entrance exam, you need to be careful about your results and studies right from your school-college life.

We often come across some exceptional students without A-plus, who get very good marks in entrance exams and get opportunities in medicine. But exceptions can never be examples. A little inconsistency in your school/college life so that your dream of becoming a doctor is not shattered.

Learn to love learning:

A doctor has to study till death from medical college. Read and memorize if necessary. So studies cannot be considered as a matter of stress or anxiety. You have to read to get interested and know about everything. Only then can you do well in the medical profession.

Should study, not just pass exams:

Being a good student is not just about a GPA of 5. A good student knows, understands, and studies every subject well. Because of this, the exam results are also good. But I’m just studying to get a GPA of 5 so that doesn’t happen. Studying biology, and chemistry well in school and college will make the first two years of studying medicine very interesting.

Education is fundamental in school and college life. If you do not know this, it will be very difficult for you to understand medical studies.

Chapters Emphasis on the Human Body:

Many of us shy away from the human body chapter of biology. But this chapter on the human body is the basic anatomy of the first two years of medicine. So for those who have a good study of the human body, it will be easy to understand the difficult subject of medical anatomy.

English words to read:

In biology, and chemistry books English words are written in brackets in front of Bengali words that we don’t read. It cannot be because the Bengali word is not used because medicine is studied in English. So if you study osmosis, intestinal as well as English intestinal as well as osmosis from school-college, believe me later you will be able to handle tough medical studies very easily.

There are thousands of such words in your textbook, write them down.

Practice reciting:

Viva is an important aspect of medical life. Viva is also difficult to pass. The questions asked by the teacher should be spoken orally. So in school-college life, we ​​will try to remember it and teach it to friends, elders, or teachers. It will remove the hesitation to speak.

Prepare yourself to be a good doctor
Prepare yourself to be a good doctor

Be an extrovert:

Most of them are very quiet and talkative. It’s not bad. But this is not a good quality for a doctor. Because doctors have to see thousands of patients, talk to them, come back and follow up. So the habit of talking and mixing with people should be mastered.

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Arguably, volunteering for various organizations helps develop this ability. Also, student teaching practice will also help in this regard.

Avoid trouble:

Medical studies are stressful. You have to study there regularly. So those of you who don’t study regularly, start studying hard before exams, not for medical. Make it a habit to read a little bit every day from now on. There will be no pressure before the exam.

The results will also be good. Also, this practice will come in handy in the future when you enter the medical profession.

Be diligent:

The main way to get better at healing is to “work hard”. Hard work is more valuable than talent here. So work hard from now on. To be a good doctor you have to suffer – you should have the mindset.

Be kind, be patient:

As a doctor, one must be talented, and hardworking. Similarly, one should be patient, dutiful, and pious. Today the one who came to you for treatment is not your own but someone else’s family. So it is your responsibility to take care of him like a member of your family. Being a good doctor is easy if you are a good person. The most important thing in medical life is patience.

Each medical exam should be passed with 60% marks. Otherwise, fail and retake that test. Many good students fail and become discouraged when they enter medical school. Not only in a medical career, but even after becoming a doctor, this journey continues till post-graduation. So learn to control anger and frustration from now on. Keeping yourself busy by going to the gym, doing yoga, dancing, singing, etc. helps in this.

Learn to draw well:

Stomach, heart, etc. different types of pictures have to be made in schools and colleges. Interestingly, these are the images you will remember for the rest of your life, even if you become a doctor. Knowing, understanding, and drawing the labeling of each image will be useful in medical studies.

Acquire leadership skills:

A doctor is a leader in the health sector. He has to deal with patients, nurses, seniors, juniors, and drug company people. So leadership is a great skill for a doctor. Involve yourself in activities like Red Crescent, Red Cross, Scouts, etc. right from your school life. While you will learn on the job, this certificate will be useful in your career.

Acquire practical skills:

Many of us do not cut frogs or cockroaches in biology in our school-college life. Write a chemistry practical without doing this. I can’t hold it, I can’t do it – it can’t be done. Because by doing these jobs you can learn manual work in a very small way so that later you will enjoy doing manual work like doing lab work, understanding microscope slides, or helping in operations.

So it appears that some things will be easier to follow from now on. Many of you will become doctors in the future. Good luck to future doctors.

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