Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will help you understand our policies for managing the privacy and security of user-provided information

All terms set forth in our Privacy Policy apply to‘s website and mobile application collectively. By downloading our mobile application, using the website, provides you with the necessary information so that you are aware of our terms and conditions. You are therefore requested to read the privacy policy carefully.

What you will find on this page:

  • Information Collection and Use Procedures
  • Means of communication with website users
  • Privacy and security

Means of communication with website users

When you communicate with us by e-mail or otherwise, we will store certain information so that we can provide you with the right service according to your needs. Your e-mail ID may be used to notify you about our services.

Privacy and security

We will take all measures to ensure the privacy and security of the personal information you provide. All information provided by you is under our control. But unfortunately sharing any kind of information on the internet is never completely safe. We may take the help of hosting, data storage and other organizations to store all of our information. If you believe that providing us with information is unsafe or if you believe that we have failed to protect the privacy of your information, please contact us as soon as possible.

Policy on correction or removal of information

If you wish to change the information stored in‘s systems, please use the specific form provided on our website. Please contact us if you wish to remove information from our system. We always try to answer your e-mail within 48 hours, but this is not always possible.

Information Collection and Use Procedures is always committed to data integrity and security. As per our declaration, ** your number is safe with us. Under no circumstances do we sell or give your number to anyone for marketing or any other purpose. use this form for further assistance.