How to start BCS preparation from honors!

Currently, the most talked about a career in Bangladesh is becoming a BCS cadre. Right from the students to the parents of the students, the first choice for a career in Bangladesh Civil Service is the direct service of the country and the best facilities.

Every year lakhs if not lakhs of youngsters appear for the BCS exam with this career dream. Millions of young people take the exam, but only a few thousand manage to fulfill their dreams. So many people want to start preparing for BCS from the beginning of honors or university life to stay ahead in the BCS race. Today’s article is only for them.

Introduction to BCS

The full form of BCS is Bangladesh Civil Service. The BCS exam is the exam given for admission to this civil service. Government jobs in Bangladesh are generally divided into two categories. One is military, the other is civil service. Apart from the military, civil services include administration, foreign affairs, police, taxation, etc., such as the navy, and air force.

And cadre means a group specially trained to do a specific job. Recruits are trained to perform specific duties in government jobs called Civil Services Cadre or BCS Cadre.

BCS Cadre is mainly of two types – General and Technical. Any person in a general cadre can apply for the job by passing the examination in any subject, but in the case of a technical cadre, there should be an educational qualification in a specific subject. Currently, there are 26 types of cadres.

Note that the Bangladesh Academy of Civil Service Administration started its journey on 21 October 1987 as an attached office under the Ministry of Public Administration. A three-month Law and Administration course commenced on 21 October 1987 to 30 January 1988.

Eligibility of Application

As per the 44th BCS notification, BCS (Health) cadre candidates without a son or daughter should be between 21 to 30 years of age, freedom fighters/martyrs, and PWD candidates. Others are 21 to 32 years old.

In the case of General Cadre, four years Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree or equivalent from any University after passing HSC or equivalent examination from any recognized board. Multiple third categories will not be accepted.

Testing and Distribution

The BCS exam is conducted in three phases. In fact, it is the main reason for the completion of BCS exam results or the entire program!


In prelims, you have to answer multiple choice questions of 200 marks. Through this mainly the skill of the examinee is verified in the main subject.

Bengali Language and Literature, English Language and Literature 35; Bangladesh case 30; 20 on international affairs; A total of 200 marks in Mathematical Reasoning, General Science, Computer & ICT, 15 in Mental Skills, and 10 in Geography and Environment-Disaster Management, Ethical Values ​​and Good Governance. Each question will carry 1 value and each wrong answer will carry a 0.50 value. The duration of the exam is 2 hours.


Candidates who clear the prelims will be considered eligible for the written test. 200 on Bengali, English, and Bangladesh subjects in written examination; International Affairs 100; For a total of 900 marks out of 100, there is a test for Mathematical Reasoning-Mental Ability and General Science-Technology.

In the case of the technical cadre, the matter is slightly different. Candidates can answer the questions in any language other than Bengali or English except for the related subject. A candidate can apply for both general and technical if he/she wants.


Candidates who qualify for the written test will be considered for the viva voice test of 200 marks.

A candidate is finally recommended to the cadre on the basis of total marks obtained in written and viva voice tests.

Ready to fight with honors!

The time from the commencement of the examination to the declaration of results is a long process. By the way, the 44th BCS circular was released a few days ago and the preliminary results of the 43rd BCS have already arrived! Not only exam results but also BCS preparation is long term.

But most of the candidates do not give importance to this long-term preparation. The honors level emphasizes long-term mental preparation and fundamental strength. Let’s see the details-

How to start BCS preparation from honors
How to start BCS preparation from honors

Keep the target intact

The thing to note is that most of the youngsters these days are ‘BCS craze’! Almost many want to become BCS cadres. However, this effort ultimately failed. That’s why setting goals is so important.

Determine from the beginning why you should be a BCS cadre and above other career options. Preparation with patience will be very easy, enthusiasm will not decrease.

Have a clear understanding of the syllabus and questions

Not knowing the course and jumping into a fight without knowing the opponent is very similar. Questions come from the syllabus. Moreover, questions are asked according to a specific pattern each time. If you analyze previous year’s questions you can get it. And by looking at the question you can get an idea about the weakness of your subject area. In such a situation it will be easy to start preparing.

Keep the basics strong

It will not be completely wrong to say that BCS is an integrated or complete examination of the subjects studied from 1st class to HSC. Emphasize the fundamentals of the topics covered in the syllabus. Clear English Basic if you are weak in English Grammar.

If you’re raw in numbers, brush up on numbers. Work on your weaknesses. And if you have no weakness then brush the basics of the subjects. For this, you can follow the SSC-level board book. You can also take tuition if you want. Because by understanding others, one’s own weakness is removed.

Language skills required

Proficiency in both Bengali and English is essential. Language skills refer to the ability to write, read, speak and understand fluently. The good writing quality is very important for BCS written exam. In writing, since you have to write in both Bengali and English, you need to be proficient in freehand writing. Develop a habit of writing half a page on any topic every day. This exercise will be very useful in the future.

If freehand writing is not learned at the Honors level it becomes very difficult to master it later.

How to start BCS preparation from honors
How to start BCS preparation from honors

If you want to know how to read and write well, there is no option but to read more books in that language. Also, a lot of marks are allotted for translation in the written test. It is very good to practice translating from newspapers, books, or magazines.

Also, it is important to be able to speak both Bengali and English with proper pronunciation. Generally, foreign cadre viva is in English. English speaking skills can also be tested in viva. Therefore proficiency in spoken English should also be acquired as part of BCS Vivar Honors preparation. It is observed that most of the students do not have the habit of speaking English fluently, which later leads to poor results.

Besides, English vocabulary should also be learned. For this, by reading English magazines regularly, words can be mastered.

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To be modern

It is very important to keep yourself updated with the current world as many questions come from Bangladesh and international subjects in BCS. For this, you can develop the habit of reading papers regularly. It is good to read both Bengali and English newspapers at the same time. It will also improve language skills. You can also refer to magazines like Current Affairs and Current World.

Academic studies should be given importance

Many people start preparing for BCS right from the very beginning of Honors in such a way that they completely ignore their academic studies. Although educational qualification is not very important for application, academic results are also important. Generally in the viva, you are more likely to ask questions from honors subjects. So it is important to have an understanding of your subject.

Also will ensure good results. So BCS preparation cannot be done without academic studies. So it is good to have a study plan for BCS preparation for Honors students. Success rates will increase if you plan in advance how much time you will spend in a particular area each day.

Extracurricular activities are not neglected

Various co-curricular programs will put you ahead of others to a great extent. Various organizations of the university like the Debate Society, Singing Club, Science Club, Career Club, etc. are very useful for gaining experience. These clubs develop organizational and leadership skills. Problem-solving skills or good presentation skills can also be developed from here. So participating in extracurricular activities in moderation can never be avoided.

Final preparation

In the third year, you can read some basic books. Especially books related to Bangladesh’s history, liberation war, and literature from which questions are often asked. Examples include Adhuri’s Autobiography, One Hundred Years of World Politics, and Lal Neel Diwali.

How to start BCS preparation from honors
How to start BCS preparation from honors

The fourth year is the best time for Honors students to prepare formally for BCS Prelims. That is, this is the time to start reading subject-specific guides or books for preliminary exams. It is better to study a subject with some importance in both preliminary and written examinations. Because the time before the written exam is only three months. Saving a little earlier will reduce the pressure.

Also, you can study a bit about the country’s constitution. And it’s better to start reading trivia a little late.

Practice reading media

There is a common saying in English – Study Smarter Not Harder. This is literally true for BCS. Reading unnecessary things will waste your time. Go through the important topics by analyzing the questions without reading too much. There is no chance to get distracted in the exam hall by studying more.

BCS preparation at home!

Many people think that BCS preparation is not possible without coaching. This idea is wrong. Coaching is basically about proper guidance. If you want, you can prepare it at home. Since Honors require you to focus on your academic studies, you can save time by preparing yourself.

You can prepare BCS Online for Prelims to get guidance and save time!

Above all, believe in God, believe in yourself, and be patient. Nothing is impossible! BCSO is just an exam. Difficult but not impossible. Best wishes to all candidates.

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