Strategies for mastering general knowledge

Common sense is something we never read but always read. Our ‘common’ knowledge comes from our everyday lives. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we know something. But general knowledge is not so easy for competitive exams, something extraordinary has to be done. Is it too difficult to excel in general knowledge? Not at all but a few rules make it easy and interesting to follow.

1. Interest, patience, and observation

Interest in reading general knowledge is very important as it is about rote learning. Before starting to study general knowledge for exams, you need to see what subject you are interested in studying.

This area of ​​interest will be your plus point, you will perform better. Another big thing is patience. Remembering so many years, numbers, and names can get you bored. So do not read too much at once and read slowly with patience.

Remember, it is impossible for anyone to remember everything that happened in the last century or a thousand years ago. In this case, observation is a good job. Observing means paying attention to what you are reading.

If you memorize like a parrot without understanding, you will not remember anything in the end. Why an event happened, what happened before and after it, whether this event has anything to do with that particular event, what its consequences were after that event – you may not know much.

But taking a little extra time to read the details will benefit you because then the important information will be better remembered. For example, ‘Jahannam Mein Bidai (1971)’ is a novel written by Shaukat Usman – you know. But if you know this background story, if you know the background story, you will also remember the earlier facts that Hell actually refers to Pakistan at that time, and Hell Farewell means going from Pakistan to Bangladesh.

2. Read, watch and listen

100% assurance is not obtained by reading only general knowledge books. Also, you need to keep an eye on newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. But in such a situation one should not read the newspaper yet, important news should be read carefully.

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You should churn. Many times entertainment or sports channels on TV have to be changed to include local and foreign news channels. Listen to how people around you interpret an event – this will help you remember the event.

3. What is happening in the world, you know?

Recent events almost certainly raise questions. You may think you know all the latest happenings. You must have heard a lot about the US presidential election. Donald Trump was the Republican nominee, he was a casino tycoon – you all know, but many don’t know that he is of German descent.

Can’t ask questions in so much detail – but that’s the specialty of general knowledge – there’s no such thing as a syllabus, and no one knows where the questions will come from.

4. Take notes, cut boredom, make souvenirs

The more you write and read, the more you’ll remember – it’s worth knowing. Common sense will prioritize its own patterns when writing or taking notes.

As you read it, you will notice how high it is in your mind. Create a memorial at your convenience. For example, “Come on a Free Day” is a good mnemonic for remembering the names of Scandinavian countries. Free here- Finland, D-Denmark, A-Iceland, Su-Sweden, Nor-Norway.

This way you will make it according to your liking. Categorical information can sound monotonous when combined, so you can read the information in a ‘mixed’ way.

For example, when reading the name of a country’s capital in a table, you may see the names of two countries’ currencies or important places and events. Keep the map handy while studying geography.

Strategies for mastering general knowledge
Strategies for mastering general knowledge

Add some years together to remember years or numbers. For example, India declared a republic 3 years after independence, i.e. after independence in 1947, it was declared a republic in 1950. In the same year Nazrul received the title of ‘National Poet’, DU awarded him D.Litt. Awarded in 1974.

Just two years later he was awarded the Ekushi Padak, got citizenship in Bangladesh, and died in the same year-1976. Two more famous people died in 1976 – Jasimuddin and Maulana Bhasani. Read like this, you will remember well, don’t get bored.

5. Discuss – with friends and with Google

Take the topic of gossip with friends to trivia for a while.

“You know, so-and-so took a chance on drugs,” your friend reminded him that there are currently 39 government drugs in the country! Eliminate confusion about ‘what is the capital of Israel’ by typing ‘upcoming movies’ into Google.

6. Make common sense a daily habit

When mom asks you to go shopping, don’t get mad at her and let her do the shopping.

When reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown remember that the ‘Swiss Guard’ is the Vatican’s armed guard, not Switzerland or Sweden. Lie in bed with a general knowledge book or notebook and turn the pages while you sleep.

Think about what you read, what can be read. Test yourself with the online general knowledge test. Practice, and revise whenever you get time, it’s very important, because the information studied two days ago may not be remembered two days later.

And yes, some speculative answers can be given at risk during testing. Trust what you know, and make ‘informed reasoning’. You can be great at trivia!

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