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Data Collection Policy

Be careful about sources of information. The use of information from unreliable sources will not be allowed. All information used must be reliable. If the information is taken from a website, the full URL should be written at the end of the article (1, 2, 3… bookmarked) or it should just be hyperlinked.

We hope to be a writer

We hope that your writing is structured in such a way that it feels like you are talking to the readers sitting in front of you and that the author tries to explain things well and that the author is well laid out with the necessary illustrations and example code. using The comprehensible essay is a standardized essay of at least 750 words. However, there is no minimum word limit.

Image instruction

The image should not contain any watermark. No nudity or obscene pictures or videos will be accepted. If possible, include the photographer’s name in the photo caption. It is requested to mention the name of the website from which the image was taken in the title of the image if possible.

Feature Image Size Feature image width should be at least 1,200X 630 pixels. Otherwise, when you share it on Facebook, the article will not look right.

Rules for sharing in writing and sharing by any other means
The author has maximum freedom to share his writing in any medium, Bpllive.xyz will not interfere in this matter!

General User Rules

You will evaluate written articles appropriately and give fair criticism if possible, but do not forget to criticize like a scholar!
You can share Bpllive.xyz articles directly from the site. You may never copy them without permission from the author and anyone who does will be immediately terminated from his/her Bpllive.xyz membership!

If you believe a user has used your writing diary without permission or misrepresented your identity, please email graphland.dev@gmail.com or report directly on our Facebook page.
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