The qualities of animals that should have on you

Did you know that biologists have identified more than fifteen million animal species so far? And there is variation within these species as well. And among billions of people, we humans are the best creatures in the universe. There is no doubt that man is the best creature in the universe.

But since we are the best of creation, we are not full of all qualities. And since you are the best of creation you cannot learn anything from other beings, not even you.

There are many animals living in nature who teach us great things and it is possible to present yourself as a better person by learning from them. So, without further delay, learn about some amazing qualities of animals that will add an extraordinary dimension to your life.


Although only 6-12 millimeters in size, ants are said to be the most industrious creatures in the animal kingdom. The most interesting thing is that ants are social creatures with consciences like humans. And if you take a close look at this and without thinking of it as small, you will see that the ant is teaching you an important lesson that can change your life.

The first thing you’ll notice is the artistry of the ant colony. You must have seen swarms of ants roaming around your house or tree trunks in search of food. Only by working in groups can such small ants carry much larger meals and reach the habitat precisely. An ant never pushes a large piece of food onto another ant. They help each other and complete the task until they reach their goal.

If you had to learn ten lessons from an ant, the most important lesson would be the hoarding mentality. We spend a lot of money in our personal life without thinking about the future but it is completely different with ants. As I said, they travel in groups with food.

Because they store food on rainy days. This is why ant swarms never stop eating and drinking, they go back to their homes with a large portion and think about their bad day.

The camel

You must have heard from childhood that camels are called ships of the desert. But do you know why the camel is called the ship of the desert?

The camel is called the ship of the desert because of its “ability to survive”. Camels can survive in harsh conditions. You will be surprised to hear that camels do not have much trouble surviving without water for several weeks! Above all, the scorching heat of the desert is unforgettable.

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He has the ability to walk on the sand in extreme heat with human necessities on his back. Light-colored body fur and wide legs help them in this.

Now I’m not suggesting you walk in the desert without food and water in the heat. Because it is really difficult for people to live like this. So what can we learn from camels?

Humans also face many calamities like camels. Let me give you an example of adversity. Say, you need some books and an exam in a month. No money to buy books. Can’t buy extra books sitting at home with money or can’t buy books due to family financial problems. In this case let’s say that for some reason you don’t have the money to buy the book right now. So what do you do at such a moment?

Camels teach us not to give up in hard times. Take inspiration from there and don’t give up. Whether borrowing from friends or spending extra time in the library, you have to use what you have to survive until the end.

The spider

Remember Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland? Almost all of us have written ‘story writing’ in English tests since childhood. Inspired by a spider, he freed all of Scotland! So one thing we learn from spiders is the “Never Give Up Mentality”. We have to face failure all the time in our life. But spiders teach us to think that if we stop, we will lose.

Some of the more interesting things are the thoughts of spiders. When a spider weaves a web, it doesn’t think about the best place. He thought of weaving a big net. Once you start weaving the web, you won’t stop and weave bigger webs. Every day he spends a lot of time behind his water bottle and he doesn’t stop until he creates a masterpiece.

The qualities of animals that should have on you
The qualities of animals that should have on you

Spiders exemplify thinking big about our dreams and working hard for them.

The Falcon

The eagle is called the king of birds! Can you not call someone a king? Eagles have extraordinary qualities and an extraordinary principle of survival.

You will never see eagles flying with doves or crows. The eagle flies so high that other birds cannot even come close to it. Other features include Eagle Vision. Eagles can clearly see up to five kilometers in flight and when they look for prey, they will not take their eyes off a hundred obstacles until they find it.

If you look carefully at these qualities, you will understand what to learn here. There is no glory in fighting the weak to prove yourself, but there is a great advantage in losing to the strong.

Because from there you can learn something new, and improve your skills. Another thing to learn is to value your goals. Above all, set your mind to achieve a specific goal and don’t give up until it is achieved.

The Turtle

Another famous quote we find in English test books is “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. Remember the rabbit and tortoise in the forest? Hope no one forgets this story. In light of that story, two extraordinary qualities of the turtle can be said.

Learn to take small steps first. No matter how clever or fast the hair is, the tortoise does not stop at the big goal. He starts slowly and eventually drifts away.

We should always remember that nothing happened in a day like great people or famous institutions in the world. There are very few companies that become famous overnight. Everyone starts from childhood. Most of the time, the ideas or plans we have in our heads don’t take off. But if we dare to take small steps, we can conquer the sea like a turtle.

Second, an invaluable lesson we learn is not to compare ourselves to others. Think, if the tortoise had compared the rabbit’s speed with itself, it would not have won today. The key to his success was gradually gaining confidence in himself.

If you go through life constantly comparing yourself to others, you will not have confidence. Don’t underestimate yourself, compare to learn something good. Also, the constant comparison mentality will completely destroy your confidence.

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