Things to know about CSE

The role of CSE in modern life cannot be denied. From watching movies to playing games, listening to music, and browsing the net – we do everything with computers. So while studying SSC or HSC, the thought of studying computer science may come to mind. The idea is certainly very good.

But before studying computer science I have to think for once if I am really interested in this subject! Knowing what subjects are taught here, what should I do after studying them, etc. can be of some help. Basically, this article will try to give a light idea of ​​what subjects are taught in Computer Science to those who wish to pursue a degree in Computer Science.


When you think of computer science, the first word that comes to mind is programming. Breaking programming is programming. A programmer is someone who programs. Because the computer is a useless device, it cannot do anything by itself! Suppose you are listening to a song on your computer, then the computer tells you that you will listen to this song.

Since the computer will not understand your language, you have to speak the language of the computer with some difficulty. And computer language is a programming language. Different types of software are developed from this language. Any software from your music listening software.

So the very basic programming language is C. Then Java and Android applications are taught in object-oriented courses so that the logic you learn develops slowly but you can easily develop fun mobile applications or games.

After that, you need to learn the assembly language. This language describes how a computer keeps track of data in its memory. With this language, we can create viruses again.

Basically, all programming courses are divided into two parts. In the lab, the theory is taught in one part and practical in the other. Sometimes theoretical classes can be boring. But the problem is that if you don’t understand the theory well, it will be difficult to go to the lab to solve a programming problem. So no cheating!

Remember one thing, you don’t have to be very creative to be a good programmer. Patience and persistence are required. Solve each problem by organizing one argument at a time. My personal opinion is that once you enjoy programming, nothing else is needed. Because programming is an addiction! Happy programming.


At first, I did not understand the need for mathematics in computer science! But no, let’s say you’re given a complex problem to solve. Now proceed with your argument. Before that you have to think with which logic you can solve the problem with less complexity and less time.

Mathematics is essential at every stage of learning computer science. But mathematics becomes a nightmare for many because it is not learned properly.

Do the math to help you think about it! The better your math skills, the better programmer you are. Basically, Probability, Linear Algebra, Geometry, etc. are taught.


In short, an algorithm is a set of steps to solve a problem. Suppose someone asks you to add two numbers. So what do you do now?

  1. Three variables are to be taken. (two numbers to input two variables and one output)
  2. Input two numbers from the user
  3. will add
  4. The output will be
Things to know about CSE
Things to know about CSE

This course basically teaches problem-solving techniques.

Data structure of CSE

Suppose you have many books on your bookshelf. It is difficult to find the book you need among random books. But if you arrange the books according to a certain pattern, there will be no difficulty in finding the books. It will take less time. Data structure basically refers to the specific way of storing data in a computer so that the data can be accessed easily.

Operating system

This course mainly teaches the internal structure of operating systems. Windows or Linux source code is also taught.

Also, when multiple instructions are given to the computer simultaneously, which comes first and which comes later, it also teaches the course.

Compiler of CSE

Programming language instructions cannot be understood by hardware unless they are converted into machine code. For example, a computer does not understand anything other than 0 and 1.

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Now writing any code using these two numbers is a headache! Instead, you use a tool that converts your written common programming language to 0 or 1. This course teaches how programming language instructions are converted into machine code.


We all are more or less familiar with the term graphics. While watching movies or playing games we often say that movie graphics are bad or game graphics are great.

These graphics actually summarize several mathematical principles. This course teaches how to draw a line using the correct graphical language using geometric formulas learned in mathematics.

Networking in CSE

Let’s say you have three computers and three of your friends are playing a game on three computers as a team Now all three computers must be somehow connected to the network so that you can connect three computers at the same time.

This course teaches how computers connect to each other, who sends data, and who receives data.

The main key points have been mentioned above. Numerical Analysis, Data Base, Computer Architecture, Economics, English, etc. are also taught along with a thesis on any one subject.

Why study computer science (CSE)?

If you are interested in programming, want to develop different software, want to compete, or want to develop mobile games i.e. want to do some creative work then you can take admission in computer science blindly. And I’m not even talking about the job market. If you’re a good programmer, you’re not looking for a job. You will get work.

Don’t say a word. Many enter computer science without knowing everything beforehand, but once in, programming is no good. The truth is that programming is not something that can be learned in a day. It’s about improving skills with practice. Think very simply. If you think memorizing ten pages a day will get you the highest marks in the exam; You can get it in other subjects.

But once you have memorized ten programming problems, you may face other problems in the exam. In that case, you can’t. But if you solve problem after problem with logic, you will find that there is nothing more fun than programming and nothing easier than programming.

Misconceptions about computer science (CSE)

Some may think that computer science is taught using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. At that time, many people saw the advertisement for a “website made for six thousand rupees” and thought that creating a website is taught in computer science! Many people think that a computer engineer’s job is to solve any computer hardware problem!!

Not that computer science students can’t. But the thing is that computer science is not specially taught in our country. Learn the basics of computer operation!

So a suggestion for those who want to study computer science is to research the subject before reading. See if you really like them. Are you interested? If you are interested then enroll in this interesting topic.

Good luck to all upcoming CSE Engineers.

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